Property Owners

Looking for a new property management company?

Christchurch Accommodation specialises in managing inner city residential apartments and townhouses in Christchurch in the middle to upper-level bracket.

With an extensive portfolio of properties that cater for the full range of short, extended stay and residential tenancies, mainly within the inner city, we have built an enviable reputation for being able to match the needs of a prospective tenant, guest or client with the inner-city property that meets both their needs and your expectations as the property owner.

Because of this specialisation, we have developed very strong networks with corporate clients, professional bodies, government departments and within the tourism and hospitality sectors. Our referral rates are extremely high and we pride ourselves on not being your usual ‘high street’ property management company.

Our Property Managers are here to explain the process to you, answer any queries you may have, give you practical advice and provide honest feedback that reflects the market within Christchurch City. Our aim is to ensure you are fully informed, expectations are realistic and there are no ‘surprises’!

Property Management Services

We can make it work to suit you!

Residential Tenants


We’ll manage long term tenancies (minimum 6 months) with thoroughly vetted tenants, keeping you up-to-date with regular property inspections.

The Christchurch Accommodation team makes leasing your property as easy and stress-free as possible.

Longer Corporate and Holiday Let Stays

For fully Furnished Properties

These are usually bookings of 4 weeks plus. Similarly, if you want the use of your property every now and again with good advance notice, but don’t mind guests staying longer term.

Alternatively, if you have no intention of using your property yourself, we can manage the booking flows between ‘Nightly’ and ‘Longer Stays’ for maximum returns.

Nightly Corporate Stays & Holiday Lets

For fully Furnished Properties

Do you live outside of Christchurch but want the use of your property while you’re in town? We will only book guests to stay in your property from minimum 2 nights to a maximum 28 nights so you have the opportunity to book your own property in advance for your own use.

Meeting your needs & expectations


We want your experience of renting your property to be hassle-free.

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